Exciting New Opportunity!

Every Friday afternoon during the summer, our town has a farmer’s market. I always try to go and buy fresh eggs, and sometimes a treat like goat cheese, jam, honey, or veggies.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that my favorite booth to buy eggs from, Sweet Pumpkins Farm, also sold handmade soaps. I used to have quite an addiction to buying handmade soaps, and even though I stopped buying new soaps almost two years ago, I still have several bars to use up.

As I was admiring the soaps, I mentioned that I crochet soap saver scrubbie washcloths to use with handmade soaps like hers.  The vendor, whose name is Donna, said she would like to see them, and we talked about her possibly offering them for sale alongside her soaps.

So last Friday, I brought a couple of soap saver scrubbie bags to show Donna, along with our Crafty Reason business cards. She liked them a lot and immediately set them up next to the soaps for sale!

Handmade soaps by Sweet Pumpkins Farm

We are so excited to have our goods offered for sale at a farmer’s market right in town! We wouldn’t make much money from sales, but just having our business cards displayed is great for potential future customers!

We are also excited to have learned about Sweet Pumpkins Farm. They are right in the next town over and they offer interesting-looking crafting workshops, like how to make our own handmade soaps.

I have made a couple more scrubbies to bring to the next farmer’s market and am excited to see if any of them sell! We also offer them on our new Etsy shop, and of course on our website and Facebook shop.

~Crafty Reba