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Last year when we set up, we used a pretty basic web hosting service and template just to get some material up there to see if it generated any new business or traffic. Most of our business still comes from our Facebook page and last year from a partnership with a table at our local farmer’s market, though–I’m not sure how many visitors the website has had. I always meant to find time to set it up to look exactly how I wanted it to, and to merge the Crafty Ramblings blog with the site, but that all required lots of time and focus, which I didn’t have–until now!

Last month I sadly was laid off from my day job, which I loved. I worked full-time from home for a publisher analyzing permissions in manuscripts for textbooks–things like copyrighted material, Public Domain, and Fair Use content. It was a fun job with a great team of people, who mostly worked remotely all over the country, and we had an annual meeting when we would get together in-person. I enjoyed the work quite a bit, so I’m searching for a new job that’s similar.

While I’m job searching instead of working at a job, I’ve had much more time to work on Crafty Reason. I’ve started my biggest project to date, an intricate baby blanket replicating the design of an old blanket. And I’ve finally given the website the makeover I’ve been wanting to for a year. I am not a web designer and my programming knowledge is minimal/basic, but I am quite happy with the results. I’m still working out a few kinks, and Crafty Jason, who is a computer programmer by trade, is helping a lot.

I hope you enjoy following along behind the scenes with us!

~Crafty Reba

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  1. I love the new site. I will be sending a Holiday order soon. Love, Mommy C

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