Thank you USPS!

Last month I had a huge shipping scare when I mailed a beautiful triangle shawl across the country from Massachusetts all the way to Arizona. I try to use the US Postal Service unless a customer specifically asks to use UPS or FedEx. My grandfather was a postal worker, and I want to support the continuation of this federal service.

I mailed the shawl at my local Westminster, MA post office on Thursday, April 18. The receipt provided tracking information and an estimated delivery date of Thursday, April 25. I figured it probably wouldn’t actually take that long to arrive, but I sent the tracking info to the shawl’s new owner-to-be, and signed up for email alerts to let me know when it was delivered.

I was a little worried when I checked with the customer and the shawl had not been delivered yet on the 25th, but not too worried. Maybe the package had gotten hung up somewhere along the way. But the next day, I started receiving email notices that my package was delayed in transit, with no information about where it was or when it might be delivered. On Monday the 29th I tried calling the national post office phone number, but my estimated wait time was 47 minutes (!!!), so I just hung up. I figured whoever I spoke with likely would only have access to the same info I had on the USPS tracking website anyway. I wondered what could have happened to the box.

The mystery was solved the next day, when a postal worker from Phoenix, AZ called the Crafty Reason number and left a nice message explaining that my package had been damaged in transit, but they would be happy to send it along to its destination if I could call them back and let them know where to send it. I was shocked to find out when I spoke with them that the shipping label had been ripped off–I was surprised because it had been taped completely across the whole top of the box. So I figured if the label was gone, the top of the box must be too. Luckily I had put my business card inside the box, so they were able to call me and find out where to mail it. Whew!!!

My faith in the USPS was strengthened considerably–I am so glad they took the time to find my card and call me! The person I spoke with, Bernie, told me that they often get damaged packages from Etsy sellers, but they don’t include a business card with contact info, so the post office has no idea where to send them. My faith in the packing tape I used to seal the box is significantly lowered, however!

shipping label

I really enjoyed making the shawl, but am so glad I don’t have to re-make it! It took several months to make.

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~Crafty Reba